Bidding in person in the saleroom

Please register at the pay office before an auction begins. After providing us with your details and leaving € 500,-- as a deposit, you will receive your personal bidding number, which you will need for bidding.

In case of catalogued auctions, the auctioneer will call out each lot with its number and the starting price (initial bid) according to the order of items in the auction catalogue.
You will find the lot numbers next to the item in question.

Participate in the bidding by raising the bidder’s number so that it is clearly visible. Should it be overlooked, simply make yourself heard.
Bidding increases are in fixed increments. The object is knocked down to the person making the highest bid with the words “one, two, sold” and the ringing of a bell.

If an item is not sold at once, we will be pleased to re-offer it for the sale while the auction is still ongoing, or you may acquire it during the post-auction sale.

Our auction team will always be available to you during a sale, should you have any questions.

Bidding by telephone

This service is not available for motor vehicle auctions.

Written absentee bid

If you cannot attend a sale in person on the day of the auction, you may place a written absentee bid at least 24 hours before the sale. Please indicate the maximum limit up to which you would like to bid. We guarantee that we will also knock down the item to you below your limit, provided no higher bids have been made. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. Absentee bid forms can be found online, in our auction catalogues or on our premises.

If you have succeeded in purchasing the desired item, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to guarantee expedient processing.