How the price is established

Starting price (initial bid)

Each item is accompanied by a starting price. This indicates the initial bid that starts off the auction. If you acquire a lot at the starting price or slightly higher, you will have managed to make a very advantageous purchase indeed! At any auction the price you are prepared to pay for a certain item is determined exclusively by you.

Buyer's premium

Please note that the buyer’s premium and, in some cases, legal VAT will be added to the highest bid or hammer price. To find out more about the subject, please refer to the Dorotheum’s Conditions of Sale.

These items are subject to full taxation. 18.34% buyer’s premium and 20% VAT will be added to the highest bid!


Highest bid

€ 1,000.-

+ 18.34 % Buyer's premium

€ 183.-


€ 1,183.-

+ 20 % VAT

€ 237.-

Gross purchase price

€ 1,420.-


Mediated sales without VAT.
22% buyer’s premium will be added to the highest bid


Highest bid € 1,000.-
+ 22 % Buyer's premium € 220.-
Gross purchase price € 1,220.-