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Solo Vespa. Quasi.

from Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
9 am - 6 pm

Please note that our auctions "Classic Cars and Automobilia" are subject to suplemental terms and conditions:

The objects in the auction have not been appraised – neither by Dorotheum, the sellers nor by third parties.

No guarantee is given for the completeness and correctness of the information in the catalogue or on the internet.

All the scooters in the auction originate from a static collection and some of them have not been driven in many years. The scooters are offered exclusively as restauration objects. In many cases, parts, keys or papers (as indicated in the catalog) are missing. We highly recommend taking a good look at the condition of the object before the auction. There is no guarantee on the completeness or accuracy of the data in the catalogue. 

Information and contact
phone nr.:  +43 1 515 60 – 428

24.05.2019, 15:00 - Vösendorf
Prohlídka: 22.05. - 24.05.2019
Typ aukce: Salónní aukce

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